Our Crew


Chris Rosa
Old-fashioned skill in style today.
Citizen of Yankees Universe.
Florida sun lover.


Rob Reali
Barbering is in my blood. My father and brother are both barbers. Dad had a shop in east Hartford for decades. So when I first was going to work, my Dad said come work with me, see if it fits. It does. I love meeting with people and helping them look their best. Come work with me, and you’ll look your best too.


Lisa Pressamarita
Artist and barber. Every head is a sculpture and every face a canvas. Been in business since 1981 and owned a salon for over ten years in West Hartford. I love doing hair for photo shoots and also design display windows for Stackpole Moore & Tryon.


Kevin Shea
Yes, I’m the only Red Sox fan in the joint! Snowboard across New England. I’ve been a barber for over 25 years, as long ago a good friend said I had a great personality and should work helping people. He was right! I have loved every day of it! Here at Professional, we keep the conversation light and fun. Our haircuts and shaves are the best around. Period.


Mark LaBianca
My first job was a mechanic, and I started cutting hair as a hobby! But I was great at it, so I gave up the wrenches for the scissors.


Sherry Snyder
I’m the newest team member. Graduate of Academy DiCapelli School of Barbering. Certified Aesthetician. Outside of work, you’ll find me baking, riding my Harley, collecting tattoos, and spending time with family.


Foy Ware
Shoeshine master. Old-fashioned skill that’s hard to find.
Stop by and get looking your shoes looking sharp again.
Important meeting? Stop here first.

“You can tell a lot about a man from his shoes.”
— Your grandmother

“Unshined shoes are the end of civilization.”
— Diana Vreeland